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Light getting you down?

Struggling to take photos in low light or very bright light & just not capturing what your eyes can see?

Don't be frustrated....


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HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH IN low and bright light


Over the last 12 years, Ria Mishaal has built a six-figure photography business...

shooting weddings, portraits and high-end commercial photography, and was awarded the prestigious distinction as a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 2018.


Ria is passionate about crafting authentic and artistic imagery. She’s a photographer, who taught herself how to master her camera and editing to produce consistently beautiful imagery in a distinctive style.


Ria uses her 12 years of professional photography and her 15 years of teaching experience, to help her students learn the fundamentals of photography, visual style, branding and business so they can harness the power of creative photography and work with more of their ideal clients.

You want creative control over your photography so you can consistently create images with

your vision

Do you feel like you're at a turning point in your photographic journey? Feeling you have so much more to offer creatively, but you just don’t know how? Sometimes you take an amazing image that speaks to your creative soul, but you don’t want to leave it to chance anymore.


Client Testimonials

Claudia (Just Joey On The Moon)

'Ria’s generosity of knowledge, her inspiring technical skills and her all round creative brilliance allowed me to produce images I was really proud of!'


Portia (Flowers By Passion)

'Ria was so patient and clear with her technical explanations. She touched on so many different aspects of photography – my mind is buzzing!'


Sarah (Sarah Guild Floral Design)

'Ria explained everything so well. There’s been so much
work, effort and passion to create this course and it shows!'

I've been there too...

let me tell you my story


When I was a school I was passionate about science and art and photography. I made the ‘sensible’ choice and decided to pursue a career in research science. I became an accomplished electro-physiologist, studying the response of the nervous system after trauma. It was rewarding, but I always felt there was something missing. I longed for more creativity and autonomy in my life.

I was passionate about photography from a young age as a means for self-expression, but I never felt I was good enough to be paid for my photographic creativity.

When I was a research fellow, in my spare time, I was determined to learn how to control my camera as if it were an extension of my hand. Determined to learn to ‘see’ the best light and how to interact with people to get the very best expressions. I was determined to find out how to create emotional and atmospheric images that captured the imagination and were memorable.


Fast-forward 12 years, and I have built a six-figure wedding photography business, and have been recognised as a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. I have a fine art portrait studio and shoot commercial work for high end creative companies from florists, venues and designers to bloggers and chocolatiers.

You’ve got the vision and you too can learn how to produce images which thrill you and your clients.

You need guidance, accountability and a tried and tested framework to accelerate your growth. I will help you to learn what you need to know step-by-step, clearly, concisely and with actionable takeaways, so you won't feel alone or lost on your journey. You will become confident, consistent and creative in photography allowing you to work with more of your ideal clients and take more bookings year on year.


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What support

do you need?

1:1 coaching for developing
professional photographers

You are ready to discover and master your signature style so you can stand out from the crowd. You know being successful in business is a lot more than taking great images, and you are ready to go to the next level.


Transform your creativity and business over the next 4-6 months, so you can shoot consistently in a style that thrills you and book more of your ideal clients.

Group coaching for creative

Learn how to take professional-looking images of your products and creations with your creative vision so you can attract the right clients and sell more…even if you don’t know which way of your camera is up right now.


Suitable for Florists, makers of all kinds, bakers, calligraphers, knitters, designers, architects, interior designers, jewellers, bloggers

Are you curious about what results you can expect?




"When I saw she was coaching I didn’t hesitate to get in
contact as I have been following her work for a number of years. Through coaching I wanted to learn how to consistently achieve the style of image I like – we have spent a lot of time looking at light and how to manipulate it and how to edit to create images I like.

Ria is really flexible and her resources are really accessible.

We record all of our sessions as well as having a range of documents to review.

Ria has been very supportive through my growth and with her feedback.


I would really recommend Ria as a coach..

there seems to be nothing that she doesn’t know or can’t find out”


{florist & MOSAIC ARTIST}



"Over the course of 8 weeks, Ria covered all you need to know about your camera from the way it functions to how to get the perfect shot. In addition to that you also learn how to edit your images and develop your personal style.

Ria was absolutely fantastic at personalising the course to each participant...

...and made sure that she provided each and every one of us with all the resources that we needed to completely benefit from the coursework. There was no question too small or insignificant to be discussed. Within 8 weeks I went from a clueless camera owner to a confident photographer.

This course is worth every penny and I couldn't recommend it enough!"

Light getting you down?


Struggling to take photos in low light or very bright light & just not capturing what your eyes can see?


Don't be frustrated....


download my free guide now

HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH IN low and bright light


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My photographs are published widely, in print and online from BRIDES magazine to Love My Dress blog, to the stunning coffee table book ‘Flowers art and bouquets’ published by Assouline.



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‘Flowers art and bouquets’ BOOK published by Assouline



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